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Essential Oil Steam Straightener Brush


Essential Oil Steam Straightener Brush

Product description

New essential oil hair care program that allows you to do hair SPA at home! Core Hot Steam Technology to fully nourish hair. One brush to solve the dry fork, flat sloughing soft, hair loss and other hair problems. With the use of single Composition hair care essential oil capsule, it can balance the scalp oil, relax the head nerve, so that the hair has a bright new life, always maintain vitality and good mood.

Product description:

1. Deep nourishing: Break the traditional method of using essential oil. Let the warm steam open the scales, and the essential oil molecules fully penetrate the scales and store them in the hair. To solve the dry, bifurcation, rough, messy, easy to break, knot, dull and other problems, the hair become bright new again.

2. Balance oil secretion:The steam cools and the essential oil stored in the hair naturally penetrates the hair roots. Kill bacteria and fungi, make hair root strong and tough, alleviate hair loss, hair loss, dandruff, flat collapse and other problems, restore healthy hair ecology.

3. Multiple protection: Uniform distribution of essential oil layer for hair to provide 8 hours of protection from adverse air environment, smoke, ultraviolet ray, seawater immersion and other external environment damage to hair.

4. Relieve stress: Pure natural grade A essential oil to relax head nerves. Each breath is accompanied by the fragrance of the flowers to relieve tension, anxiety and stress, and to maintain a vibrant and good mood at all times.

5. Core patent hot steam and essential oil molecular technology, intelligent control of essential oil push pipe, scientific ratio, rapid heating, free regulation of temperature, so that every drop of essential oil to play the greatest effect.

6. 39 brush teeth arrangement scientificly, easy to straighten out the hair, smooth nursing,does not drag, reduce the damage to hair caused by traditional combs.

7. Thermal insulation design, high temperature resistance and environmental protection engineering materials, for the delicate scalp protection.

8. Replaceable essential oil capsule, various efficacy, different flavor, according to the choice of the mind.

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