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Pure hair care essential oil


Pure hair care essential oil

Product description

Hair care essential oils begin with our hair care philosophy. It is simple, pure and efficient. After more than 1000 experiments day and night, we have successfully developed a variety of hair care essential oils with purity as high as 99.9%. Choose the best ingredients from every country in the world, and each drop of extraction is only for your hair.

Two kinds of hair care essential oil: single bottle and capsule. The capsule hair care essential oil is used with the essential oil steam straightener hair brush to achieve the effect of deep nourishing and deep hair care.

Product description:

Essential oil is a volatile aromatic substance extracted from plant flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits by steam distillation, extrusion, cold extraction or solvent extraction. It consists of a variety of chemical molecules. Essential oils are called oils because of their high mobility. However they are essentially different from the vegetable oils we come into daily contact with. Essential oil hair care begins with our hair care philosophy. It is a useful, effecient and practical scheme that we have identified after more than 1000 day and night research experiments..

Boswellia carteri:

Can tighten hair follicles, promote cell regeneration.  

Is the first choice for preventing scalp aging. Can adjust the dry and sensitive scalp, relieve the mood and relieve the fatigue of the brain.

Origin: India

Salvia japonica Thunb:

Can adjust the scalp environment, maintain a healthy scalp ecology, make hair roots strong, reduce hair loss, hair loss, improve the fine soft hair quality.

Origin: France

Juniperus communis:

Can balance the scalp oil secretion, clean hair follicles, promote the head blood circulation, discharge scalp toxin, promote hair regeneration.

Origin: Italy

Citrus bergamia:

Can balance the hair follicle oil secretion, improve oily or acne prone scalp, promote scalp cell regeneration, reduce hair loss, hair loss; relieve mood, calm anger, tension or anxiety.

Origin: Italy

Lavandula officinalis:

Has good antibacterial properties. Can keep hair root clean and healthy, reduce dandruff, soothe nerves and relieve tension.

Origin: France

Melaleuca alternifolia:

Anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, refreshing to remove debris, has a strong purification effect to the scalp , can help to improve the ecology of the scalp, adjust the hair follicle oil secretion.

Origin: Australia

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