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Ceramic variable frequency hair dryer


Ceramic variable frequency hair dryer

Product description

For the family's ultimate care of the hair drying experience! The world's first frequency converter hair dryer, natural ceramic heating body, aviation level brushless motor intellectual control, low noise, low radiation, anti-overheating, pregnant women and baby can rest assured use. Many times anion maintenance sterilization, curve up and down, lock hair moisture, relieve scalp, create bright and supple hair. 1.8 times thermal efficiency, green energy saving and environmental protection.

Product description:

1. Quick drying: The maximum speed of the motor is 19000 revolutions per minute. The wind speed can be adjusted by 5~13m/s, and the air flow is stable and strong. Frequency conversion control 8 ceramic heating body, accurate digital temperature controls outlet 50~130 degrees Celsius, to meet the requirements of all kinds of hair quality dry hair and maintain the moisture loss of hair.

2. Smoothing hair care: Multi-stage blowing mode, alternate heat and cold, mild protection of hair scales.Multiple negative ion generators, neutralize static electricity, maintain sterilization, soothe hair and scalp. Refuse dry, forked, disheveled hair, and create silky smooth and soft hair.

3. Ultra low noise: The test noise in real environment is as low as 60 dB, and the highest noise is only 78 dB, which is equivalent to the sound intensity of normal conversation. Effectively reduce the dry hair when the hair dryer on the human auditory nerve damage, can be used by children and the elderly at ease.

4. Healthy low radiation: The radiation-free ceramic heater and brushless motor are equipped with ultra-low radiation, and the electromagnetic radiation and thermal radiation of the traditional hair dryer are greatly reduced, which can be safely used by Children and pregnant women.

5. Environmental protection and energy conservation: High efficiency and low loss of heater and motor. 1000W can release 1800W heat energy of ordinary hair dryer. The service life is more than 4 times that of the ordinary hair dryer. The service life can save more than 1500 degrees electricity, 625 kg coal and 1125 kg carbon dioxide emission.

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