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Marketing policy
Market environment analysis
The main purpose of the market environment analysis is to understand the potential market and sales of the product and the product information of the competitor. Only to master the market demand, in order to be targeted, reduce mistakes, which will minimize the risk. To herbal tea, for example, herbal tea has been keen for southerners keen, which has climate, diet differences, it should be the main marketing power concentrated in the southern city, if the wrong positioning, the power transferred to the north, regardless How much investment in human and financial resources, will not get a good marketing effect.
Consumer psychology analysis
Only in the grasp of the consumer for what reason, what purpose to buy products, in order to develop targeted marketing ideas. Marketing is mostly consumer-oriented, according to the needs of consumers to develop products, but only so is not enough, the spending power, consumption environment analysis in order to make the entire marketing campaign to be successful.
Melatonin can be sold for decades, from its intermittent advertising and advertising language will be able to see clues: festivals do not receive the use of people in the festive love gift characteristics, and as health care products, two lively elderly The image of the adults in the form of virtually frustrated when the choice of melatonin, I believe that if replaced by two young people in the slogan, the influence of a lot of decline.