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Lucas hopes to pass this happiness to every needy person, and hope that every product can meet

people's pursuit of health and love and beauty.


Company culture
Development Vision: Become a respected service brand.
Enterprise mission: to provide customers with high quality of life, conduction full of love life attitude; to achieve the staff, partners happy work, happy life.
Enterprise values: character first, family second, career third; most of the other people think; pay no less than anyone's efforts.
Business wisdom: if we do not work for ourselves, who do we rely on? If we only work for ourselves, what do we become? If we do not understand now, when do we understand?
Business wisdom: treat others better, do not require a return; treat customers a little better, not necessarily to do business.
Business ethics: the use of honesty and good way to obtain wealth; with a thrifty way to manage wealth; with love to pay the way to use wealth.
We are based on "character first" -based enterprises, company-wide, all departments are in the implementation of character training. We are holding the gradual pace of the gradual, neither anxious, flames, and never laissez-faire, intermittent, because we firmly believe that the benefits of character will be slowly growing in the process of highlighting, change our own thoughts and thoughts, but also affect Around the people around.