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Lucas hopes to pass this happiness to every needy person, and hope that every product can meet

people's pursuit of health and love and beauty.


Company Profile

Shenzhen Leiqi Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Liao Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, is a professional beauty salons, skin care products application of high-tech enterprises, set research and development, sales and service as one, practitioners are from the industry elite, the team is committed to the development of The core competitiveness of the beauty salons, skin care products.


In order to meet the needs of customers for high-quality products, the company set up in the UK R & D and sales center UK Lochini Technology LTD, focused on the health of the United States and industry products technology Research, hair care essential oils, whitening essential oils, Breast Body Essential Oil academic research, all of our efforts only to let you meet the most beautiful of their own!


Corporate culture: focus, professional, innovation, experience