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Lucas hopes to pass this happiness to every needy person, and hope that every product can meet

people's pursuit of health and love and beauty.


lochini Brand story


In June 2006, Lucas, an engineer of the beauty salon application for many years, gave his lover Emily a hair and found that Emily's hair was bad and easy to fall off. Less than 30 years old Emily hair is very sparse, and looks very worried, the slightest drop of hair deep touch Lucas heart. He was determined to use his best skills to solve Emily's worries. So he began to study day and night.



First of all, he decided to start with hair and hair dryer closely related to start.


In order to avoid the use of traditional hair dryer damage, Lucas began a long years of exploration and research. So, a new idea was born.


2016 years, after 3 years 963 professional hair stylist market survey, the engineers team 7 years 2001 functional tests and Emily's personal experience, and ultimately the world's first intelligent all-ceramic heating body without radiation health hair dryer available. The hair dryer in one fell swoop to solve the traditional hair dryer there are all problems, no radiation, no toner, mica particles, intelligent temperature control and wind speed adjustment can reduce the damage caused by hair, can better protect the hair and physical health. In order to commemorate the team for many years to pay the time and effort, Lucas it to HD-2001 named, dedicated to long-term care for hair and healthy people.


Secondly, Lucas felt the need to solve another deeper problem.

As early as 2012, when the engineer James asked the question: what method can prevent and reduce hair loss, dry, rough, bifurcation and other issues, but also make the hair smooth and healthy and shiny?

In order to solve this problem, Lucas began to lead the team to access a large number of literature, the team visited Europe, the United States, China, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries found that essential oils can solve these problems --- essential oil is not only a symbol of honor and personality , It is on the hair care hair care, skin care and physical and mental health of people with other products can not match the effect.

Past hair care and essential oils can only be applied to the hair and skin surface, no way to make the hair and skin very good absorption, and very greasy. As a result, the company decided to develop essential oils at the same time the application of products in order to solve people in the use of essential oils caused by the troubles.



2016 years, after nearly four years of team efforts and Emily 976 times the experience, developed the world's first essential oil application products --- essential oil hair straight hair comb, with the world's origin of essential oils, in one fell swoop The previous use of hair care essential oils to achieve the perfect combination of high technology and nature.

The company will be the final definition of the brand lochini --- lofty choice nice --- perfect lofty choice, because each of our products are by love new students. After years of research and Emily's personal experience, Emily's hair is 10 years ago more and better, the harvest is full of self-confidence and happiness. Lucas hopes to pass this happiness to every needy person, and hope that every product can meet people's pursuit of health and love and beauty.