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Essential Oil Steam Straightener BrushNew essential oil hair care sheme that allows you to do hair SPA at home! Core Hot Steam Technology to fully nourish hair. One brush to solve the dry fork, flat sloughing soft, hair loss and other hair problems. With the use of single Composition hair care essential oil capsule, it can balance the scalp oil, relax the head nerve, so that the hair has a bright new life, always maintain vitality and good mood.

Ceramic variable frequency hair dryerFor the family's ultimate care of the hair drying experience! The world's first frequency converter hair dryer, natural ceramic heating body, aviation level brushless motor intellectual control, low noise, low radiation, anti-overheating, pregnant women and baby can rest assured use. Many times anion maintenance sterilization, curve up and down, lock hair moisture, relieve scalp, create bright and supple hair. 1.8 times thermal efficiency, green energy saving and environmental protection.

Pure hair care essential oilHair care essential oils begin with our hair care philosophy. It is simple, pure and efficient. After more than 1000 experiments day and night, we have successfully developed a variety of hair care essential oils with purity as high as 99.9%. Choose the best ingredients from every country in the world, and each drop of extraction is only for your hair.

Hot steam straightener hairpinUnique heating mode, core steam technology, to make the hair straighten out and get the nourishment of water at the same time. Comprehensive care of hair, easy to solve dry hair, rough and bifurcation and other problems.

In June 2006, Lucas, an engineer of the beauty salon application for many years, gave his lover Emily a hair and found that Emily's hair was bad and easy to fall off. Less than 30 years old Emily hair is very sparse, and looks very worried, the slightest drop of hair deep touch Lucas heart. He was determined to use his best skills to solve Emily's worries. So he began to study day and night.

First of all, he decided to start with hair and hair dryer closely related to start.

2016 years, after 3 years 963 professional hair stylist market survey, the engineers team 7 years 2001 functional tests and Emily's personal experience, and ultimately the world's first intelligent all-ceramic heating body without radiation health hair dryer available.